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Cupcakes with your photo

Eat your face is a crops which enters into the pastry cosmos and is already a stupendous hit on the mart. You can personalize all your cakes, cupcakes and tarts with our  foodstuffs as easily and swiftly as you play a pastime. We offer you a exceptional production - photo or picture that's eatable! You will  find here a immense difference of edible images, which will help you to ornament all your cakes without emaciation time and nerves in the kitchen. You will become kings in the kitchen thanks to our lofty quality products, whose prices are low and affordable for everyone. You can get a unique project, text, picture and decoratio of your favorite saccharine substances and create impressive products for any occurrence with just a few clicks. Our lofty property products are made of edible inks and you make choice of the size at your preference. Make your order in the tract of land bellow and jaculate us a photo in jpg format. The surrender will be with you in a few days. You can fall in with here many other sweetmeats products and tools such as cakes and cupcakes packaging and bowls, cakes ornamenting, eatable icing photos, cupcake toppers and whatnot. Our post is to help you celebrate all special occasions with your own unique cakes and saccharine substances. You can make merry and pleasantly surprised your loved ones and present to view them how much they mean to you. The photo decoratio or the pictures for the cakes are printed on eatable written instrument for become firm or solid decorations, which is harmless and safe for your soundness. For greater result, you can order from our single decorations and helping tools. shop all you want and you will not be disappointed with your option!.



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Cupcakes with your photo

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